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What if the sizes available don't fit me?

We are likely to have sold out, you can always preorder from the product page. Contact us if you need further help.

I'm not happy with my jewellery?

Once you receive your item if you have any queries please contact me directly via the 'contact' page. 

I am happy to amend or adjust where needed. If the item is not as you expected and you would like a refund i am happy to do so as long as the item is as new, unworn and returned within 7 days of receiving.

Earrings and items bought on sale cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded.

How do i care for my jewellery?

We advise to remove jewellery when showering or swimming to prevent any damage to the stones from lotions, chlorine or other chemicals. Do not use any harsh chemicals on your jewellery to clean it. Use clean running water and gently rinse, pat dry with a soft cloth. 

Our 14k gold fill clasps & accents are much thicker than plating however over time they may tarnish, you can prolong the life of your jewellery by following our care guidelines.

How do i cleanse the stones in my jewellery?

Semi-precious stones should be cleansed regularly to remove any negative energies they have absorbed and to recalibrate their energy to original state, this can be done via various methods, checkout our social media for info on how to cleanse & charge your stones, or message us directly via the 'contact tab'.

Why have you increased your prices?

Due to the rising costs in all areas, i have had to make small increases the prices of the products, this ensures high quality throughout.

My balm/butter/salve has gone hard?

The skin products are natural, they will go harder in cooler temperatures & softer, creamier in warmer temperatures. If you balm/salve/butter has gone hard just rub it between your hands to soften/melt & then rub into the skin as usual, they are still effective.

Do the skin products contain animal ingredients, are they cruelty free?

No, none of skin foods contain animal ingredients. We do not test on animals either, there is no need as they 100% natural.

My skin is reacting differently to my usual products?

 As you transition from toxic, chemical laden products to natural ones, your body will start to detox. A detox can be seen through changes in skin moisture, breakouts or other symptoms. These will reduce overtime & your toxic load will reduce. Remember to look at your diet, hormones & sleep as these are all factors too. Most skin conditions start with the gut biome.

The skin products don't smell?

That's the idea! Our skin products are not designed to mask our natural smell or our natural beauty. They all smell like their natural ingredients. Our natural scent is designed to help us make choices, like finding a partner, whether something smells off or bad, it helps us identify in so many areas. Our smell is apart of our identity, why would we want to cover it up all of the time!? It also

Do the skin products contain preservatives or stabilisers?


What does it come in?

All of our packaging is recyclable, compostable or reusable. Made from the land, we should be able to give it back to the land or use it again. There is no plastic in our packaging or products. 

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