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Semi-precious stone jewellery, crystal healing and other types of energy work are not to be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine. If you believe or know you have a serious underlying health issue, you should consult with your doctor, complimentary healing therapies can be used as a part of your complete health programme. 

Due to UK law Earthstone advises that any information we give about healing properties of semi-precious stones/crystals, discussion or hand out literature, is done so from our own personal beliefs and extensive research.

Not all persons will definitely experience or benefit from the described physical, mental, emotional or spiritual properties.

Any information or advice given on the properties of semi-precious stone jewellery will be received and understood in the above context and any purchases made are done so on the basis of the customer's own freedom of choice.

Please remember all of our jewellery is made from small stones & there is a potential choking hazard for children. Any item purchased for and worn by a child is done so at the responsibility of the parent.

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