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Natural Healing

Earthstone was born out of my reverence & connection to nature & her healing abilities. My belief that our own bodies & nature provide all that we need to heal, enables me to hand craft unique tools to help others on their

healing path.

The ethos at Earthstone is to contribute to creating a healthy culture of compassion, wellbeing, healing & nurture. Where we are in harmony with nature & attuned to our needs.


Through my past work i have found most people are looking for a daily energetic support. Crystal or semi-precious stone jewellery with their unique energetic vibrations offer the wearer this support. I have always been drawn to crystals & sharing their healing abilities, after I came back to the UK from 6 years of travelling with a completely fresh eyes, I took the opportunity to design Earthstone's signature minimalist style with powerful energies to transform lives.


On my 12 year journey to heal my body & skin, I suffered with acne & extremely oily hair in my teens until mid twenties, i realised all of the beauty products I bought were all lies & made with highly toxic ingredients, I struggled to find clean unscented products that nourished my skin. I decided to create my own skin care, but keeping it simple. After many conversations about people wanting to switch to non-toxic products, I felt inspired to share my recipes. Creating an essential range of non-toxic, organic hair & skin foods. 

All of Earthstone's products are hand crafted in the UK by myself, using only the highest grade natural crystals in the jewellery. Raw organic ingredients in the skin food. All of the herbs & botanicals are hand selected, wild or home grown, organic.


From the Earth to welcome us home.

Freya Curtis, Founder & Creator

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